ERCA Inspector Training Course

From 29.04.2019 until 03.05.2019
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Course Language: English
Course Provider: ERCA

NOTE: Modular system, required qualifications & separate assessment procedure!

This is training module #7 described in the inspector qualification scheme. We expect the inspector candidates to have a good theoretical knowledge, plenty of practical experience and to hold a couple of other awards as a pre-requisite for attendance in this course module.
After completion of module #7 there will be a consolidation period you are working under supervision of a certified training body (modules #8 + #9) before you can show up for a separate 1-day-assessment (module #10). We issue an “ERCA Inspector”-Certificate once you have successfully passed the assessment (module #10).


During the training you will experience about the procedures of standard periodical inspection routines to check the ropes courses in accordance with EN 15567 Part I, 7c and the ERCA Standards for inspection. There will be theory sessions indoor and many experience-based parts outdoor inspecting a variety of different ropes course installations. Documentation routines for the practical inspection work carried out will be another important part, which will be reviewed in the group. During the practical sessions the candidates will be observed by the trainer team with follow-up evaluation on performance and delivery. Together with the trainer every participant will compile an action plan reflecting the personal theoretical knowledge and practical skills. This personal action plan will guide you through the consolidation period to the assessment.

The course is a course for inspectors of accredited inspection bodies and new applicants (if they can proof the required inspection experience). 

Out of scope:
The accreditation for inspection bodies requires additional steps for the company (application check, audit of the inspection body).

Literature, Tools, Equipment

Please bring following literature to the course (and use it for your preparation beforehand):

  • The current ERCA inspection manual
  • The current ERCA inspection standard
  • EN15567:2007 Part 1 and 2 at Beuth-Verlag or BSI

Important: Please bring your PPE, equipment, tools, laptops documentation forms for inspection with you.


The registrataion will open on 20th FEB 2019.
Candidates please push the button on top left to fill in the online registration form. After receiving your application we will send you a confirmation of course registration and the invoice.

Course Fees

Price regular: GBP 1300.00 + UK VAT
Price for ERCA-members: GBP 1170.00 + UK VAT
Rebate for multiple bookings: GBP 150.00 discount
(The first participant of a company pays full price, the following participants belonging to the same company pay GBP 150.00 less.)
Here you can read and download the cancellation policy.

Meals & Accomodation

Lunch, tea and coffee is included in the course fee, but no other food nor refreshments. You have to arrange and pay your travel and accomodation yourself.

Important Notes

The upcoming ‘Inspection Course’ contains large parts of practical inspection. You confirmed to us that you have enough experience and feel ready to inspect parts of a ropes course by yourself. And so, you will be given the opportunity to inspect different types of installations during the course. When doing so, you will be observed by the course leaders (trainers). The observation and a follow-up debriefing will be good for your personal development and for finding out: if your findings are complete, if you missed something and/or how good your skills/ techniques are at the moment.
But please note, that you will be only allowed to inspect at height if you can prove that you hold a valid "ERCA Generic Rescuer Award" or an "ERCA High Ropes Course Trainer Award" or an "IRATA Rope Access Technician Level1 (or higher)" award. You need to bring and present the valid certificate to the course leaders before they decide if you are allowed to inspect at height. If you cannot provide a valid award then you will not be allowed to continue on the course.
In addition, the course leaders have the right to deny you access to heights whenever they feel you operate unsafe or your operations might be a danger for yourself or others. In severe cases the course leaders have the right to exclude you from the course. The same may apply for cases when the course leaders identify that you have a large skill gap in your technical knowledge to carry out inspection routines yourself. Course leaders are there to offer support and guidance on skills and experience that you should already have as experienced inspectors in a number of areas. They can’t teach everything from scratch at this stage.