ERCA – Professional Standards for Mobile and Stationary Ropes Courses.

ISBN 3-937210-01-6
1. edition english language, 2004
A4 ring binder – loose leaf

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This revised edition combines the German Ropes Course Association (GRCA) standards from 2003 with the latest  amendments as agreed by the European Ropes Course Associationin 2006. The ERCA standards are the professional standards for mobile and permanent ropes courses in Europe.   

The standards consist of fundamental ethical principles and current basic requirements for building safe and high-quality ropes courses, for technical inspections and for operating ropes courses as well as guidelines for the training and professional development of ropes course facilitators.

Topics: Ethics, Construction, Inspection and Operation of Ropes Courses, Professional Development & Training

Euro 52,80 (Euro 25,80 for ERCA members)