Frequently Asked Question

How to become an ERCA certified inspector?
Below sketch shows the route to become an ERCA certified ropes course inspector.

You need to have building experience and must hold certain awards (1-6). For 1 (WAH) either an "ERCA Generic Rescuer Award" or an "ERCA High Ropes Course Trainer Award" or an "IRATA Rope Access Technician Level1 (or higher)" award or another similar award is compulsory. For the awards it is up to you to attend qualifying courses at whatever provider you wish or participating in courses offered by ERCA. If you fulfill all prerequisites you can attend the 5-day inspector training (7). At the end of training you will receive feedback and can work out your personal action plan with help of the trainer (8). Afterwards you have to perform inspections as assistant (9) before you are required to pass an assessment (10).

For further questions please contact:
Mrs Christine Schreiber
info (at) erca . cc