About Certification

The ERCA certification process has been developed to provide and further enhance a long lasting service that is of high quality and reliability.


ERCA certified inspection bodies are ERCA members. To become certified, they apply to ERCA in writing. As part of the process, they have to describe their professional background, qualifications and experience. They must also describe the structure of their organisation and the quality assurance system they use in order to guarantee the provision of a safe, robust and long-lasting inspection service. In addition, they need to provide evidence of other key aspects such as relevant and valid insurance policies.

An ERCA coordinator leads and coordinates all certification processes. He or she informs ERCA’s Executive Team and is accountable to the Executive Team and to relevant working parties within ERCA. For important decisions, the coordinator will need to gain the approval from the Executive Team and from relevant ERCA working parties.

Have a look for the list of ERCA certified inspection bodies

If you are interested in training please check the list of ERCA certified training bodies.

The ERCA office will coordinate and administer the award of certificates to certify inspection bodies. If you have any questions regarding the certification process, please contact the ERCA office. Email: