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Public Release of the New ERCA Training Syllabus

We would like to raise everybody’s awareness to the public release of the revised version (July 2022) of the ERCA training syllabus. The full document is now publicly available. This syllabus provides information for training on permanent and temporary ropes courses. The syllabus describes course aims and objectives, content, methods of teaching, course duration, as well as assessment criteria. Mobile ropes courses are not covered within the current syllabus.

New Offers at our Online Classifieds Section

We would like to draw your attention once again to our online classifieds, where you can find job offers and post job requests. Furthermore there you can find a variety of miscellaneous offers such as training offers and tender offers for construction…

Impressions from our Anniversary- & Summer-Event

Our summer event, which we organised to celebrate the 25th anniversary of ERCA, symbolically included many of the association activities that have been important to us since the founding of the association and which stands for our community.

Health Hazard: Oak Processionary Moth

In the interest of sharing, please find information and guidance regarding Oak Processionary Moth, mainly affecting oak trees in London and the South East of England at the moment. Other areas in Europe were affected earlier or are still affected. Therefore…