Regiondo GmbH

Regiondo GmbH

Neumarkter Str. 63
81673 München
Phone: +49 (0)89 716 721 300
Email: support (at) regiondo.com

Regiondo – The perfect booking solution for the Ropes Course Industry

Regiondo is Europe's leading booking software for the leisure industry. More than 7,500 tour and activity providers from 42 countries power their revenue using our booking software.

Our experts not only ensure a smooth booking process, but comprehensive customer care as well. The booking system can be professionally linked to your own website and adapted to your individual design. Our booking system also includes an extensive marketing network and specific user analyses.

Grow fast without investment costs

  1. Increase Sales
    You’ll gain access to hundreds of sales partners who can distribute your offers to a highly targeted audience
  2. Save Resources
    You will save hours of customer service and system updates with our smart booking software
  3. Manage Operations
    Keep track of all bookings and message your customers instantly. The process is fully automated

Furthermore Regiondo provides a platform for connecting a wide range of businesses from the leisure industry. Our network of partners and other stakeholders is constantly growing, making our booking solution even more valuable for clients. There's never been a better time to join and share our success.

Enjoy better features

  1. Intuitive UX
    Your customers and staff will love Regiondo’s design. It’s easy to navigate so you can jump right in without any training.
  2. Optimized for Conversions
    Delight customers and close more sales with superior communication features and modern design, optimized for higher conversions.
  3. All bookings in one system
    The Regiondo software keeps track of all your bookings. Offline, online and partner sales are easily recorded, stored and analyzed.