ERCA Summer Event & Anniversary

From 16.06.2023 until 18.06.2023


We celebrate 25 years of ERCA with a summer outdoor event

After 25 years holding meetings in the winter time we fell now brave enough to make things different!

25 Years Anniversaty
Please take time, make it happening and participate in this event, enjoying the time with colleagues, industry founders, important stakeholders and equipment manufacturers with activities such as ...
    • ''World Cafe''-session to pave the way together for the industry future;
    • Practical workshops & outdoor sports;
    • Testival: hands-on experience with ropes course gear from varying manufacturers;
    • Multi-national funny team competition;
    • Networking, campfire & barbecue;

Watch the trailer on Youtube.com and see what environment and activities will wait for us in mid-north Germany for a joyful summer event 2023. A formal invitation card with the programme outline and the registration instructions will follow in the second half of November.