The 'new' ERCA website

If you are an ERCA member, an ERCA representative resp. an ERCA trainer and you have never been here before, you first have to send a registration request to get access. Once your registration is completed you can login with the credentials received by email.

How to register?

Please click the register-now hyperlink and fill in all required fields. After your registration request, we will check if you are indeed an ERCA member and if your membership fee has been paid. To ease this process, please provide your membership number or the membership number of your organisation respectively. (For the case that you can't find your membership number, please type in sth. like 'xxx' to proceed. For that case it would be the best if you would enter an email address which is registered and known by us.) If we do not know your  email address already or your affiliaton to the organization is not appearant from your email address, we would like to ask you for a separate email to verify(at)erca.cc . This way, we can ensure quick and easy verification. Thank you for your cooperation!

What's new?

The greatest achievement with the new website system is probably that now (almost) all online services are bundled into a single platform. Now you can manage your (online) member profile page by your own and access all features of the new website with ease. All features of the 'old' website has been technically improved and new features were added:

A very new fetaure is the ERCA calendar, welcoming you directly at the landing page (on the left green bar). Here you can find the next five upcoming dates. In the extended calendar you will find all upcoming dates with a long-term overview. ERCA dates will appear in green color and other events - related to the ropes course industry - are grey colored.

The management of classifieds has become more comfortable. Please log in for submission of classifieds, because all existing data will be pre-populated and it is more easy to administer your classifieds.All classifieds which were created while you was logged in will be continuously assigned to your account, and you can modify or delete it whenever you want.

Now you can edit your account by yourself. As first step please log in and afterwards you can modify your member profile page, set a new password or upload a new logo – please especially check your uploaded logo file, because we noticed that only the minority has uploaded one. Employee accounts may also like to include a personal profile photo. For the maintenance of your account you should know that the profile tabs "Contact", "Profile" and "Activities" are open to the public (which means the tabs are visible to all internet users in the www) – but that’s the same like it was in the past. The profile tabs "Articles" and "Private" will be only visible to registered users (members, representatives, trainers, staff). For "Private" you can enter your personal contact that you want to share with other members and "Articles" is an automatic list of articles you may have been published at the website.

The public members list contain all full mebers such like companies, individuums, students and honorary members. The list of instructor members is not open to the public, but is visible for all registered useres when logged in.

We also still have a considerable number of ropes locations that have been listed over years by all the members. In the near future all these locations will be presented on an online map. Additionaly we will have a small list and map on your profile page on which all you operated ropes courses will be displayed. We currently do not have activated this feature for the public, because we noticed that many ropes course locations does not have a precise address. We would like to ask you to check and update your ropes course locations until 1st of August 2013. Please log in and choose the menu item menu item "My Ropes Courses" on the left green bar. A list with your operated ropes courses will be diplayed and you can edit your entry by clicking the small ‘pencil’. If you would like to add a new location, then click on "New Location" in the same green bar. For the case that a ropes course profile should be deleted, please send an email with the name of the ropes', the postal code and a brief explanation (closed, shut down, ...) to .

The main online forum for members and the sub-forums for specific member groups are currently under construction. But you will find the forum and the first topics in the section "For Members Only" (on the left green bar). The main forum is visible to all members, whereas the sub-forums for specific member groups will only be displayed to assigned members of these groups. Please note: not all of the working groups have opened a sub-forum at the moment.

You will get an overview of your group subscriptions by clicking on "Joined Groups" and can watch an overview of all groups by clicking on "All Groups" – again, both menu items will be displayed on the left green bar and only when you are logged in. 

We would appreciate if as many of you would take an active part in our community!

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