ERCA Working Group: "T.E.A.M." - Trainer Expert Associated Members

Ulrike Mai
Erbeskopfstr. 3
54411 Deuselbach
Landline: +49-(0)6588 – 3298
Mobil: +49(0)171 – 52 66 488

The working group for ERCA certified Trainers of ropes course instructors and rescuers was constituted during the AGM 2013 in Hennef. Aims and topics of this working group are:

  • forming a network of trainers for mutual support
  • exchanging knowledge and experience between trainers on all topics relevant to trainings (e.g. best teaching methods for different items on the curricular, recurring difficult situations during trainings and how to deal with them, best practice in course preparation and follow up, ...)
  • if necessary preparing submissions for the expert group for trainings

After the first personal meeting of the members of the working group several skype meetings are planned for the coming year where trainers will show samples of their presentations and get feed back from other participants. Furthermore they are planning to implement a discussion board or internet forum. Face to face meeting are planned for the annual ERCA conferences.


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