ERCA Safety Commission

In 2001, the ERCA Board of Directors asked experienced members to set up a health and safety commission, in order to improve preventative health and safety measures for ropes courses. The current Health and Safety Commission consists of Meik Haselbach (coordinator), Dr Mario Kölblinger, Valentin Kern, Peter Oster and Frank Schweinheim.

In 2002, the working party started an initiative to survey ropes course accidents, psychological incidents and near misses. Dr. Mario Kölblinger and Frank Schweinheim developed a questionnaire to record occurrences on ropes courses, which has been continually evaluated and amended based on feedback from our members. In an effort to make the questionnaire more user-friendly, it was shortened and put on the ERCA website to allow members to provide the required information online.

Until the end of 2004, participation in the survey was for ERCA members only. As of 2005, the survey will also include non-members. This way, the ERCA Annual Accident Survey will draw on data based on an even greater number of ropes course users.

All questionnaires submitted are being treated strictly confidentially. The Health and Safety Commission analyses all incoming questionnaires, with particular focus on statements describing how accidents arise, and how they can be prevented.

A summary of key cases and lessons learnt are then drawn together in the Annual Accident Report and disseminated to ERCA members. In addition, any new insights into the prevention of accidents are fed into the further development of ERCA’s Professional Standards for Mobile and Permanent Ropes Courses.


ERCA Safety Commission
c/o Mr. Meik Haselbach
Im Brühl 18 b
79295 Sulzburg

Fon: +49-(0)7634-503281



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