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Ropes Courses and Adventure Parks now in the mainstream

© rbb / Ullrich / Schomerus
More and more often, mass media such as radio and television are now reporting on programmes in ropes courses. This does not simply remain factual or promotional information, but our actually very specific topic is now also being prepared for mainstream formats.

The diversity is great and ranges from beautifully animated films, to metaphorical embedding in morning devotions on the radio, to early evening crime series or soaps. This doesn't necessarily have any practical implications for us, but we thought we'd share the links with you purely out of interest, and also because it makes it clear that our topic has arrived in society at large, is well received and has a firm place in family life or the group community. But feel free to make up your own mind:

Most of all, we very much like the new episode of the animated video clip of the German character ''Sandmaennchen'' (please see picture above and the hyperlink at the end of the paragraph). Kids, mums, dads, grandmams and grandpas of all nations can enjoy the multinational clip, because only body language is used - so everybody will understand the story. For all those who are thinking about sharing an image or the video, please note that you get a license from RBB-Media before you share it publicly. But now have fun with the video:

But there are a few more current posts that focus on ropes courses (only in German language):
• Radio Morning Devotion, DE: www.deutschlandfunk.de/morgenandacht-30-04-dlf-bc114b09-100.html
• Crime series, DE: www.zdf.de/serien/soko-wismar/tiefer-fall-106.html
• Radio Documentation, DE (starting from minute 08:30): www.deutschlandfunk.de/landschaftspark-duisburg-nord-dlf-10a2edcf-100.html

If you have other examples worth mentioning, you are welcome to send them to us for the archive.