Programme & Time Schedule

(Updated 10.01.2019; subject to change without notice!)
  • 15.01.2019 (12:00 - 13:00): Lunch (if pre-booked)
  • 15.01.2019 (14:00): Welcome & Opening Ceremony by the ERCA Board
  • 15.01.2019 (14:30 - approx.. 17:00): The Team-Event ''Black Story Escape Game'' will challenge teams to solve set of quizzes/riddles and to reconstruct an amazing story, before networking will start with a delicious dinner. (Idea and lead by: Rick Jansen & Thomas Woesthoff)
  • 15.01.2019 (18:00 - open end): Dinner with Networking, Drinks, ...

  • 16.01.2019 (10:00 - ca. 12:00): ERCA-Annual General Meeting
  • 16.01.2019 (12:15 - 13:00): Lunch (if pre-booked)

Theme "ERCA Expert Group Inspection" (only for ERCA-certified Inspectors)

  • 16.01.2019 (13:00 - approx. 16:30): Informal Working Meeting ERCA Expert Group Inspection

Theme "Prepare for worst case scenarios ..." - sequences related to emergency- and crisis-management

ERCA-Member: EUR 20,00 per Person; Non-Member: EUR 35,00 per Person
All 2 below are held in German with peer-to-peer translation into English)
  • 16.01.2019 (13:00 - 14:30): Intro lecture
    "Crisis Communication“ T. Seidenberg, 'Crash Consulting'/ ts|medialog GmbH
  • 16.01.2019 (14:30 - 17:30): Workshop
    "Overview on how to start your own crisis management plan" A. Matheußer/ F. Holze, Outdoorschule Süd

Socialising event "Schunkeln im Dunkeln" - experience a different kind of a ropes course programme

EUR 4,00 for everybody
  • 16.01.2019 (approx. 19:00 - approx. 21:00)
  • Please bring with you: headlight, warm and rain resistant clothing;

Theme "CPD & Refresher Workshops"

Workshop below is held in German without translation)
  • 17.01.2019 (09:00 - approx. 13:00): Workshop "CPD PPE Checks"
    ERCA-Member: EUR 95,00 per Person; Non-Member: EUR 135,00 per Person
    Offered by: Edelrid Gmbh & Co. KG
    This workshop is not for initially gaining the award for becoming a competent person, but it is addressed to all people who would like to learn more about the recent developments, to train their skills while practicing checks with various gear and to discuss the findings with colleagues and a very experienced person who is leading the workshop. As part of the German regulations there is a duty for PPE Inspectors to attend such CPD training on a regular basis - so as an award holder this workshop could be to your interest.

If other working groups plan to hold a meeting, please liaise with the ERCA office team for further plannings.