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Antony Reed
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Positive Venture Ltd. Lodge Farm Office Durston
United Kingdom


Positive Venture Ltd
Antony has worked with outdoor education and adventurous activities for over 30 years. A professional who's passion for the outdoors and delivering high quality throughout is infectious.

Antony has worked closely with ERCA since it's evolution. Today as a Master Trainer, Inspector, course designer and constructor he is able to offer a broad range of knowledge and skill sets.

Antony has his own company delivering a range of high quality services. Delivering a range of courses and services on behalf of other companies and working closely with operators and other trainers/inspectors/suppliers Antony is able to offer informed contribution and support to others whilst learning new things himself.

As a technical adviser and consultant for a number of operators Antony is positioned to develop quality and best practice along with exploring new ideas and proposals.


Business Training + Consulting
Activities for young people (Jugendprogramme)
Incentive + Event
Train-The-Trainer (Ausbildung)
RC Building stationary (Bau stationaerer Seilgaerten)
RC Building temporary (Seilgartenbau temporaer)
Classic RC (Klassischer Seilgarten)
No (Nein)
No (Nein)