Agenda for the Annual General Meeting

Thursday 03.03.2022, Start time: 13:30 hrs BST (= 14:30 hrs CET)
Entrance opens 30 mins earlier !!!
Central Assembly is to be held as a fully virtual online meeting.

  • TOP 1 Welcome and formalities; determination of whether a quorum is present
  • TOP 2 Acceptance or correction of last AGM’s minutes (from year 2021)
  • TOP 3 Report by the Board
  • TOP 4 Report by the Arbitration Board
  • TOP 5 Report by the Cash Auditor
  • TOP 6 Discharge of the Board of Directors
  • TOP 7 Election for members of the Board
  • TOP 8 If necessary: Elections of the cash auditor, deputy cash auditor or members of the Arbitration Board if someone may resign
  • TOP 9 Motions
    • ○ If requested: Motion and voting for approval of Honorary Members
  • TOP 10 Miscellaneous
    • ○ The ERCA board to inform on a plan to adjust the certification fees along with the raise of the general inflation rate
    • ○ The ERCA board to inform about plans for the inclusion of non-European companies in the ERCA certification system


Applications for the Board Elections

As per the regular period, we expect to have elections for the following positions and have got received the below propositions.

Proposal/ Application
for the position as:
Nominated by: Name Self-Introduction

Executive Board:
Vice President

This position is due to vote on in the regular period. Linda Green stands for re-election.

ERCA Board

  Linda Green
  (United Kingdom)
Hi – My name is Linda Green and I have represented Adventure Parks on the ERCA board for three years before I was elected as Vice-Chairman two years ago. I have thoroughly enjoyed the role, working with members, on committees and with the other board members and the executive board. The role has been both challenging and rewarding. I would embrace the opportunity to be re-elected for the Executive Board as Vice-Chairman.
In my field, I am considered a health and safety expert, having worked in the world of enforcement and as head of health and safety for the high ropes course Go Ape. Keen to assist others, I recently became a Trustee to a charity whose aim is to help youngsters by enabling them to overcome barriers to their success and to build stronger communities by forging links between different diverse groups. Their aim is to build confidence to help them realise that they hold the key to their success – no one else!
I also act as a mentor to health and safety professionals exchanging views and sharing best practice.
I believe my strengths and qualities are paramount to the successful role of Vice Chairman.


This position is due to vote on in the regular period.

ERCA Board

  Walter Bisselink
I have been the owner of 3 ropes courses in the Netherlands for 9 years now. In addition to these operations, I am involved in the construction and maintenance of all kinds of ropes courses at home and abroad. Of course, I do not do this alone, we have a permanent team of 8 employes and about 50 employees during the high season. I am married and we have 3 children. We live on the Dutch coast and I like to go out on the water to kitesurf in my sparetime.


This position is due to vote on in the regular period.

ERCA Board

  Søren Banke
I am trained as a biologist, and have always liked nature and outdoor activities. When I was 10 years old I made my first treehut, and have been climbing ever since. I was introduced to ropes courses in 2004/2005 in Switzerland, where I stayed for 7 years. In 2007 I took my first certificate as a traditional ropes course instructor in the Allgäu. I am now an ERCA trainer for both Adventureparks and Traditional Ropes Courses. I have made setups and run several temporary parks, and established 3 stationary parks, all in including both sportive and traditional climbing elements.
At present I run one large Adventurepark, with more than 100 elements for the Adventure part and 10 traditional elements. Regarding adventure parks, I believe that I can contribute and facilitate new ideas, and help to focus on what we already are good at, and keep that as our main focus.
I have always believed that everyone should have the opportunity to experience climbing and the thrill of a ropes course. So I am ready to work to broaden the knowledge and fantastic experiences that ropes courses can give everyone.
I speak both German and English, and can understand and talk with people from Norway and Sweden in their native languages.

"Traditional Ropes Courses"

Walter Bisselink (NL) who is the representative of the sector currently could be interested to apply for the new position in the sector and therefore this position will possibly voted on during the assembly.

ERCA Board

  Jo McCarthy
• My passion for the outdoors has led me on a journey with achieving strong practical and academic qualifications. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Outdoor Learning and also, qualifications from Mountaineering Ireland, main qualifications are Mountain Leader and Climbing Instructor. I have worked as a free-lance instructor for 7 years for many Outdoor Education and Training Centres Nationally.
• I have completed ERCA Instructor Training and Generic Rescue Training, will be completing Train the trainer in Autumn 2022.
• Safeguarding Tutor for Sport Ireland.
• Worked for Cara Sport Inclusion Ireland which is the governing body in Ireland who represent people with disabilities and their involvement in all sports. As training and education coordinator, I oversaw the training of 6500 participants trained to make their sport or physical education sessions inclusive. I mainly focused on inclusion in the outdoors and published many documents with Sport Ireland Outdoors to enhance every outdoor activity in Ireland to become more adaptive to all abilities.
• Currently I am the Activities/Operations Manager of the Discovery Park, typically managing up to 45 seasonal staff, design and implement all training programmes for staff to deliver on all 25 activities including adventure and education programmes.

"Sector Ziplines"

This position is due to vote on in the regular period. Tony Wallin stands for re-election.

ERCA Board

  Tony Wallin
Hi, My name is Tony Wallin and I’m already a board member of ERCA since Feb 2019.
My goal when I become a member was to introduce a Zipline sector in ERCA, now with your vote I want to be the one who run that part.
Some word about my background.
I’m born 1965, married and have 2 boys at home in Åre/Sweden. I have been working with Outdoor activities since -83 and with Ziplines since 2007 true my own company. Today I run Zipline Europe and we work with installations all over the Globe, we are Headrush distributor and service center. There is a handful of companies that build Ziplines in Europe, what sets us apart is the way to build. Scandinavia is well known for its good quality and constructions, and we are very proud of it. It shows in our construction as we have brought with us the best in how to build and also in the companies we hire for design and engineering.
So, with your vote I promise that ERCA get a person with full understanding about Ziplines and put safety first.

"Sector Temporary Ropes Courses"

This position is due to vote on in the regular period. Georg Schmitz stands for re-election.

ERCA Board

  Georg Schmitz
My name is Georg Schmitz an I am a biologist and have worked as an outdoor leader and trainer on a freelance basis for over 20 years now. I am a specialist in sport climbing, Alpinism, alongside with traditional and temporary ropes courses.
Whenever I am not hurrying around giving ropes course training, I am a passionate traveller, enjoying exciting expeditions and dedicated to promoting social clubs like the German Alpine Club.
In ERCA I contributed to developing the ERCA training scheme over his many years of service. I am also a member of the ERCA master trainer team. One could say that I am a veteran at ERCA because I am on the board since 2006. I would like to stand for re-election in order to represent the temporary ropes course sector on a continous basis, but also to further initiate or facilitate other ongoing projects.