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About ERCA
ERCA is Europe's leading ropes-course association and represents the interests of over 340 company members in over 30 countries. The association's tasks include safety research, the certification of training providers and ropes-course inspection companies as well as to represent the membership on national and international committees.

Management responsibility for leading the „Inspection Certification“ ( www.erca.uk/certification ) in a developing association in the field of ropes courses. This includes the organisational and economic responsibility of the day-to-day business in this subdivision in accordance with the association bylaws, procedural rules, instruction by the Board of Directors and the general members‘ assembly. This also includes the coordination of training courses, the coordination of (voluntary) co-workers, the organisation of meetings and the complete planning of audits.

• administrative, technical or higher education
• organisational talent, flexibility, sociability and commitment
• basic knowledge of business skills to manage the financial plannings and decisions in the subdivision
• use of office and internet software with ease
• very good command of German and English (spoken and written)
• assertiveness and resilience to communicate audit and test results
• Impartiality for judgements
• willingness to travel by train (and sometimes plane)
• willingness to set up the workplace in a collaboration space or in a home office (planned to be provided in the German postal code area 30175 or 6xxxx-9xxxx)
• for regular meetings in Freiburg or Frankfurt, your travel time per route should not exceed 2 hours (at least to one of the two venues)

Please submit your written application with a proposal for your weekly availability (hours per week) and salary (per hour) before June 15, 2019:
ERCA e.V., z.Hd. Ulrike Mai, Fedinandstr. 7, 30175 Hannover, Germany or
submit it SSL-secured via file upload at: https://erca.bytemine.net/index.php/s/TFRbY3oxaWHS64N


Type of Job (Art des Jobs): Part-time job with at least 12 hrs/week
Performance location: German postal code area 30175 or 6xxxx-9xxxx


ERCA e.V. (Europ. Ropes Course Ass.)