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Såå 404
837 97 Åre
Phone: +46 70 5515925
Email: info (at) ziplineeurope.com


Zipline Europe is based in Åre (Sweden). We have been working with outdoor activities since 1983.
There are a handful of companies that build ziplines in Europe. What sets us apart is the way to build. Scandinavia is well known for its good quality and constructions, and we are very proud of it and it shows in our constructionsas we have brought with us the best in how we build and also in the companies we hire for design and engineering.
So when you hire us, you are in good hands and we can guarantee that we put safety first.


  • ⚬ Together we look at the site and find out were the best place is located for Zipline.
  • ⚬ We will go through your requirements and look at the number of visitors today, and what you expect in the future. With our experience we can then tell you if the installation is a good investment or not. Maybe Zipline is not the best investment for you and we might see other possibilities at your facility that you havent thought about.
  • ⚬ Is there any regulations for the Site that we most know about.
  • ⚬ How should we build to fit into your enviroment.


Zipline Europe only work with the best partners in the world. Our engineering team exceed industry safety standards, feature the highest quality safety equipment and are made to operate at optimal efficiency. What sets us apart is the way to build, Scandinavia is well known for its good quality and constructions, we are very proud of it and it shows in our constructions.

Service Center and Shop

Zipline Europe is certified by Headrush Technologies as service center for TruBlue autobelays, Quickflights,(QuickJumps) and ZipStops.
We got all devices and spare parts in stock for a quick delivery to you.
All devices require annual recertification to ensure that your device is still working as per the manufacturer´s specification. Use of the device without service will render the unit not fit for use and void all warranty.
To give you the highest level of expertise and service we all are trained at Headrush office in Boulder/Colorado. We always stock serviceparts for different products so that your facilitity dont have to wait to get the service done.

Dont wait - Get your service booked and done today!
Don’t forget to ask about your ERCA member discount on service.