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What relief does ERCA offer to holders of a training certificate during the COVID-19 crisis?

Temporary regulations for the validity of training qualifications during the COVID-19 Crisis

Version: 19th JULY 2021
During the COVID-19 Crisis with its current challenges, we would not like to put an extra strain on instructors, rescuers, trainers, operators or training bodies. Therefore, we would like to introduce the following temporary extension rules for the scope of training qualifications. This should enable both parties to continue without formal constraints and operators and training bodies to re-start business as soon as they are allowed again.

There are 2 temporary regulations. One temporary regulation for extending the grace period, normally 1 year, for certificates that have already expired. The other is for extending a certificate that has not yet expired but will do so within a certain period.

Both temporary regulations and the periods of grace and extension will be reviewed should the need arise. (Additions dated 02-Nov-2020 marked in blue color. Deletions marked in gray and strike-through in red. Additions dated 19-May-2021 marked in orange color. Additions dated 19-July-2021 marked in red color.

Temporary extension of the grace period for refreshing already expired qualifications

Due to the fact that in some cases none or not all of the refresher workshops of the ERCA-certified training bodies can take place, we decided to temporarily extend (only for certficates falling in a specified period!) the grace period between the expiry date of the certificate to and the time when the refresher workshop is to be attended , until 30th May 2021. , until 30th July 2021 , until 31st October 2021. from 12 to 18 months. This rule apply for cases where the standard grace period ends between 28th FEB 2020 and 31st MAY 2020 30th MAY 2021 30th July 2021 31st October 2021.

Example 01 Grace Period extension  


The certificate has already been expired on 6th APR 2019 and the usual grace period would end on 5th APR 2020 (12 months after the certificate expiration).

Now, with the temporary extension the instructor will have 6 months more time and need to have a refresher workshop completed by 5th OCT 2020 30th MAY 2021 30th July 2021 31st October 2021.

In this case the certificate has expired and this temporary rule will not change this status! The certificate is and will stay expired unless it has been refreshed through attendance in a refresher workshop or by attending an additional ERCA-certified training course!

We are currently working on the technical implementation of this regulation, so that the Intranet will automatically take this regulation into account. However, if a certificate cannot be issued, please contact the ERCA office and we will help you.

Temporary extension of the expiry date for certificates that are due to expire within a certain period

To enable operators to re-start the business as soon as they are allowed again, we would like to prevent potentially expired awards (of their staff) hindering them formally. Therefore, we decided that all certificates with an expiry date between 15th MAR 2020 and 31st MAY 2020 will provisionally receive a temporary extension of 3-months.

Example 02 Expiry Date Extension  


The certificate expires on 15th APR 2020 (3 years after successful completion of the assessment).

The expiry date falls in the allowed specified timeframe between 15th MAR 2020 and 31st MAY 2020.

Now, with the temporary extension this certificate will receive an extension and the new expiry date will be the 15th JUL 2020.

ERCA will issue a PDF-certificate to each individual. Therefore, certificate extension should not be assumed until you have received notification from ERCA.
This exemption certificate will not prolong the grace period calculated from the original certificate. The grace-period extension rule from above will be applied always to the original certificate expiry date.

As mentioned above, the ERCA office will make use of a PDF-bulk-creation tool to create PDF extension-certificates for all individuals affected. This tool will automatically e-mail the PDF-file to all individuals with an e-mail-address stored in the database. Training bodies need to decide whether they wish to receive a copy and to which dedicated e-mail inbox.

Individuals who have no e-mail address can get in touch with the training body to receive their extension (PDF file).

The extension-certificate is an unique exemption certificate which makes reference to the original certificate. Neither the certificate nor the included data will be saved to the intranet records. To make this visible a watermark sign (diagonal orange stripe with the text „Temporary Extension“) will highlight this.

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