Frequently Asked Questions - ERCA (Re-) Certification for Inspection Companies from the year 2018

FAQs - ERCA (Re-) Certification for Inspection Companies from the year 2018

Even if the full responsibilty and liability for carrying out a ropes course inspection keeps with the inspection company, ERCA has developed a label for those inspection companies who are fulfilling a set of certain quality citeria.

Inspection companies will be allowed to display the label „ERCA Certified Inspection Body“ which is shown at the right, if following key stages are met:

  • The inspection company passed one peer review or one audit initially.
    As part of it an inspected ropes course was re-inspected by a 2nd expert, findings were cross-checked with the former inspection report and document samples were checked to make sure that management pocedures are in place like mentioned in the self-commitment from the inspecton company (see below).
  • ERCA has checked if the inspector(s) working for the inspection company hold -at least- following formal qualifications and if a document was available to prove this:
  • o   Working-At-Height Award

    o   PPE Inspection Award (at least training of 2 days duration, incl. assessment)

    o   Wire Rope Inspection Award (at least training of 2 days duration, incl. assessment)

    o   Wood Pole Inspection Award (at least training of 3 days duration, incl. assessment)

    o   ERCA Inspector Award (includes assessment)

  • In case of Re-Certification (At least one site visit with re-inspection of a recently inspected ropes course was carried out by a 2nd expert and findings were cross-checked with the former inspection report)
  • The leader of the inspection company has confirmed following inspector(s) experience
  • o   … construction experience with pole- and tree-builts with at least  50 days;

    o   … comprehensive experience for carrying out operational inspection procedures;

  • In a comprehensive written self-commitment, the leader of the inspection company has declared to establish and to uphold following management procedures in connection with ropes course inspections carried out:
  • o   Measures to ensure continous professional development

    §  Inspectors must attend two CPD days within a 3 years period. One opportunity is to attend the the yearly meeting of the expert group inspection.

    §  The leader or one delegate of the inspection body needs to attend the ERCA ‘Expert Group Inspection’ at least once over two years.

    §  Each inspector carry out a minimum of 5 inspections per year.

    o   Duty to hold a liability insurance

    §  The inspection company is liable to conclude and hold an appropriate liability insurance to the services the inspection company offers.

    o   The inspection body has to make use of the documentation database online software. Doing so it is ensured …:

    §  ... that ERCA can pick samples for the next upcoming audit process; (Note: ERCA will not review nor check if reports or findings are correct.)

    §  ... that reports are stored in a 2nd place (protection against data deletion);

    o   Procedures in terms of data protection

    §  The inspection company undertake not to grant access to the documentation to anyone other than the persons entrusted with the execution of the inspection and documentation with the process.

    §  Inspection companies have the duty to inform their customers about the fact, that data will be submitted and saved online while making use of above mentioned online documentation database and that email addresses will be subscribed to ERCA‘s emaillist for certificate holders. Certificate holders can unsubscribe at each time.

    §  The inspection company need to file/enter data while making use of above mentioned online documentation database and to prepare certificates. Doing so the customer e-mail address will being added to a mailing list, by means of which ERCA internal information and security relevant reports are sent.

    §  Customers need to be made aware by the inspection company that data can being used from ERCA for the purpose of carrying out audits related to the inspection company.

    o   Procedures for Quality Control

    §  The inspection body allows ERCA to carry out customer surveys on a regular basis (online survey form).

    §  The inspection body agrees that ERCA is allowed to carry out re-inspections whenever ERCA wants and with no in-advance notice to the inspection body. ERCA can pick the ropes courses for re-inspection from the documentation database online software. The procedure will always be the same and is explained in audit paperwork.

    §  The inspection body agrees that ERCA is allowed to carry out a re-audit of the inspection body latest over all 3 years.

    §  Procedures to control and measure the performance and monitoring of the inspectors.

    o   Procedures for Office Management

    §  Archiving and filing of all paperwork for peridical inspections carried out, for minimum the last 10 years.

    §  Traceability of inspection reports, certificates and the relevant customers.

    §  Upholding a procedure for correction/ recall of reports/certificates for such a potential case in which certificates were issued by mistake or with containing mistakes.

    o   Procedures for the Practical Inspection
    Inspection bodies carry out all mandatory procedures like specified in a checklist.

    §  Start of an inspection (Briefing with the operator)

    ·         Meeting the ropes course operator

    ·         Acquiring the relevant documents from the operator - assuming the inspector has not received them prior to inspection

    ·         Document Checks (Design Calculations, Drawings)

    ·         Checking if there are any specific areas of concern that the inspector needs to pay particular attention to during the inspection process?

    ·         Checking if there are there any elements which carry a particular risk?

    ·         Checking if the inspector should be aware of any particular incidents in the past?

    ·         Ensuring a rescue plan is in place for the duration of the inspection.

    ·         Adhering to national laws and WAH regulations.

    §  Inspection work

    ·         Functional test of ropes course elements/activities if possible (e.g. exept large group elements)         .

    ·         At height inspection of all elements of the construction.

    §  Completing the inspection        

    ·         Final discussion with the client; passing on relevant information.

    ·         If elements need to be placed out of action: Advise the name and location of the element to the operator and asking the operator to counter sign the relevant documentation.

    ·         Informing the operator about the next steps and or Actions.

    o   Procedures for the compilation of a Report & Documentation

    §  A final report has to be completed within 30 days after the inspection. If this is not possible e.g. for research reasons the customer hast to be informed about the delay in between the 30 day period.

    §  The inspection body adheres to and states unambiguously on the report that the inspection was carried out according to the ERCA – Inspection criteria’s, manual and standards.

    §  Inspection reports must contain clear findings and advice to operators what passed/ failed/deferred; what repairs are mandatory. Pictures have to show the identified defects.

    §  More in detail, a report shall contain ...

    ·         … identification of the issuing body.

    ·         … place(s) and date(s) of inspection.

    ·         … identification of the item(s) inspected.

    ·         … name, address and signature of the inspector.

    ·         … a statement of conformity where applicable .

    ·         … a record of all defects found. Any safety defects which are found shall be resolved to the satisfaction of the inspection body before the course is used.     

    ·         … information on what has been omitted from the original scope of the inspection.

    ·         … a statement that the inspection report should not be reproduced, except in full.        

    ·         … a notification about the fact, that arboreal assessments shall be carried out at least once per calendar year and within a maximum interval of 15 months as detailed in EN 15567-1:2015, Annex A.

    The certificate shown at the right will only being issued by ERCA once above mentioned points were actually met on the day of the check.

    The certificate keeps valid as long as that status was not revoked actively nor a re-audit found contradicting reasons. As long as the certificate is valid, you will find the inspection company listed on the ERCA website at: https://www.erca.cc/index.php/en/training-and-inspection/inspection#bodies

    Flagrant breach of inspection procedures or quality criteria defined by ERCA will in-validate the certificate.

    Inspection companies who would like to be „ERCA Certified Inspection Bodies“ for the scope of „Periodical Ropes Course Inspections“ must comply with all criteria mentioned above.

    Those who would like also being certified for the scope of „Inaugural Ropes Course Inspections“ need to meet the following additional requirements:

  • The inspection body has following obligations to inform his customer:
  • o   Impartiality declaration: for the current built there is independence given, because the inspector was not involved in any other service (training, construction, engineering services…) in this project and will not being involved in the next periodical inspection.

    o   Declaration from the inspection body that the inspector carrying out an inspection has all skills and competencies to carry out the inspection with all its details. If -for specific application- not all competencies can be covered by the single inspector a team representing all relevant skills can be entitled or external experts can be appointed. Responsibilities and results must be documented clearly and transparent.

    o   Clarification for customer that the requirements from ISO-17020 may not being all met by the inspection company or reference if the inspection body holds the ISO-17020 certification.

  • Additional formal criteria for the inspection company:
  • o   Having 5 years inspection experience – at least.

    o   Carrying out 25 inspections (total) every year for different types of ropes courses (on poles, in trees, with steel, ..).

    o   Holding the status as an ERCA certified inspection body for at least 2 years.

    o   Has passed minimum one re-audit with all its parts and focusing on documentation.

  • Additional skills/infrastructure to be uphold by the inspection company:
  • o   The inspection body with its employees has the competencies to identify critical applications/ load bearing points from statical calculations and drawings. This must be from profound extend within the staff of the inspection body itself. There must be an engineer in the team or a partnership with an external engineer office.

    o   In an audit - the person(s) who shall do inaugural inspections - need to demonstrate the following practical skills and theoretical knowledge:

    §  understanding statical calculations and drawings and identification of critical applications

    §  judgement on foundations of the installation

    §  judgement about types and quality of concrete

    §  judgement on steel spare parts and technical connections

    §  wire rope constructions, types and limitations

    §  pole specifications including load limitations for different pole dimensions

    §  other construction wood including dimensions and limitations such as in platform constructions

    §  steel constructions

    §  construction, types and profiles of steel parts

    §  welding seams

    §  screwing connections, bolts, fixings

    o   The audit shall also contain …

    §  Examples of complex practical applications shall be given tot he candidate to prove his high-level of knowledge and skills;

    §  Examples shall be given tot he candidate for judgement, whether the spare parts calculated are in place at the actual site and from correct size, dimensions and strength;

    ERCA has the right to carry out following checks on a random basis:

  • Submitting and collecting answers from customer survey forms.
  • Document checks in the office of the inspection body or via remote-access-techniques.
  • Interviews with the leader oft he inspection company or the inspectors.
  • Site visits with re-inspection of a recently inspected ropes course and cross-check of the findings with the former inspection report.
  • For reason that the full responsibilty and liability for carrying out a ropes course inspection keeps with the inspection company, it is always the inspection company who issue the certificate and a comprehensive inspection report.

    The certificate template looks like shown here at the right and you should receive the certificate together with your inspection report not later than 30 days after the inspection was completed.

    Please note that you have to check and observe the results of the inspection, highlighted in the inspection report. All action points must be fullfilled within the agreed timescale to validate the certificate.

    An „ERCA Certified Inspection Body“ will make use of an online documentation software and will collect, process and store following data using the software. Due to this fact also the ERCA Web Administrator Team can access those data. All persons involved undertake not to grant access to the documentation to anyone other than the persons entrusted with the execution of the inspection and documentation with the process.

  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Results/findings of the inspection
  • Scope of the inspection
  • Details of the inspecting company and inspectors
  • A copy of the report and the certificate to prevent unintended deletion
  • Certificate holders can unsubscribe the e-mail-list at each time and can request to get their data deleted, but have to understand that services cannot being provided any longer as those data are crucial to process inspections.