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ERCA Activities in March & April & May

May 2019 - Trainer Assessment for the scope 'Temporary Low Ropes Courses'

From 27.-28.05.2019 the first assessment to become a Trainer for temporary low ropes courses took place in the Naturfreundehaus in Lauenstein. The two days were associated with a lot of excitement and exam stress, but in the end all candidates successfully passed the pilot course and are already looking forward to working as a trainer. The candidates were grateful for the vast experience and knowledge which was shared by Georg and Henning in their role as master trainers. They are looking forward to further exchange in the context of working group meetings or the AGM's.

April 2019 - Train The Trainer Course for the scope 'Temporary Low Ropes Courses'

The first course with our new trainer qualification was run in bright sunshine and with highly motivated candidates in Germany. The candidates worked hard and had very intensive learning experiences. Now they are preparing for their assessment in the end of May.

March 2019 - Seminar "Inclusion Programmes on Ropes Courses"

In March a seminar on pedagogical and technical basics were taught, which will enable the instructors to welcome (almost) every group in a ropes course - with or without special needs. 8 participants and 3 trainers joined these days together and experienced adventure-based ropes course programs practically.

The very positive feedback from the group focused in particular on:
- the attitude & values of the "Inclusion Working Group"
- the rich practical content delivered

Here you can read more about the training, which will be offered again from 06.03. - 08.03.2020.