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Trainer Training at Cardiff International White Water Centre

We spent two really positive and active days at the Cardiff International White Water Centre (UK). A big thank to all the team for the use of their centre and all of their hospitality.

Tuesday 5th February 2019 - ERCA Adventure Park Trainer Assessment Day

This day was resulting in all three of the candidates having big smiling faces and a ‘pass’ to go home with.
The weather was bitterly cold but the atmosphere was warm all day long.

Well done for the hard work put in by the candidates to prepare themselves fully for this part of the assessment phase. Congratulations to all and we look forward to working with you as trainers and you contributing to the positive development of the ERCA training programmes.

Monday 4th February 2019 - ERCA Trainer CPD Day

The participants were all ERCA Trainers and the venue offers an exciting Adventure Park ropes course which goes over the top of the moving white water.

The day was designed to benefit all who attended. Each of the trainers led a presentation/workshop on a specific subject. In addition deliver their own subject everyone joined in and contribute to the sessions to information share and develop their knowledge. The days led by Antony and had a specific theme of ‘Removing the Challenge’:
  • Antony Reed: ‘The Silence that is Autism’. A look through the eyes of someone who has autism to challenge some of the preconceptions out there.
  • Rod Baber: ‘A Question of Language’. Choosing what we say and how we say it when working or being with individuals and group who may have physical and/or mental challenges is a crucial knowledge for all instructors and trainers.
  • Ali Glendinning: ‘Designing Out Problems’. Course constructors are able to design out problems and design in new ideas for working with those individuals who have specific challenges to overcome to enable them to participate.
  • KerryJury: 'Including young people with challenging behaviour into ropes course sessions’.
  • Vikki Hadnett: ‘Recognition to delivery’. The process to identify the challenges then communicating this with the instructors on the ground with the potential impact this can have.
  • All together: 'Big Rescue!'. This was a short session at the end of the day to explore the use of alternative methods and equipment items.