Prüfungskurs zum/zur ERCA-Ausbilder/in

Von 23.01.2023 bis 24.01.2023

Course Language: English

Course Provider: Vertex Instructor Training Ltd.
'Vertex Instructor Training Ltd.' is partly hosting and processing this train-the-trainer course on behalf of ERCA. At this time only UK-based entities are able to offer services within the United Kingdom. However, the train-the-trainer course will continue to be led independently by a team of two appointed ERCA-certified Master Trainers.

Certification: ERCA Certificate;

Scope: Traditional Ropes Courses

Part 2 of 2

What are the steps to become an ERCA certified Trainer?

1. Register & Apply
2. Join and pass part 1 (training workshop)
3. Join and pass part 2 (assessment)
4. Receive your "ERCA-Trainer" certificate
5. Offer and run instructor- and -rescuer courses for operators or endusers in the market.

What are your benefits working as an ERCA certified Trainer?

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Pre-Requisites & Requirements for Attendance

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Course Concept & Itinerary

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The option for a place on the course will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. In order to save your option for one of the places, please click the button below and complete the form fields (opens in an external website page):

Inquire an option for one place on the train-the-trainer course !

Upon receipt of your request we will check availability (the course is limited to 8 participants) and let you know whether or not you have reserved a place. In a second step a master trainer will get in touch to you via phone or e-mail to check the formal requirements and will confirm with you if your reserved place is confirmed. Please specify a timeframe within the first two weeks in January for the master trainer to reach you. Please wait for the master trainer's confirmation before completing your travel plans.

Course Fees

Price regular for Non-ERCA members: 230.00 GBP per day per participant + 20% UK VAT
Price for ERCA members: 207.00 GBP per day per participant + 20% UK VAT

NOTE: Completion of part 1 required in order to apply for the assessment!

You need to attend a train-the-trainer course (part 1) of the specific working field first, before you can gain access to the assessment.

Meals & Accommodation

Tea and coffee is included in the course fee, but no other food nor refreshments. You will have to arrange and pay for your own meals, travel and accommodation.

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